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What the Best Startups did to Succeed

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This webinar took place February 21 from 5 PM (CET).
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What will I learn?

How to develop and use a strong go-to-market strategy

Building a raising strategy and pre-money evaluation structure that benefits you and your investors

What does it take to stand out to investors and strategic partners

How to consider global expansion with a restricted budget

Discuss the most "forgotten" aspects of business growth and their impact on a successful exit

Manage due diligence of your R&D pipeline

Assure the quality foundation of your ideas

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This fact-based discussion will focus on life science startup business strategy and key considerations that should be considered throughout the lifecycle of the company to ensure; a) a successful launch in multiple global market, b) a strong return on investment for founders and investors, and c) an efficient, timely and cost-effective path to market. The conversation will focus on strategic business planning, pre-money evaluation, how to attract funds, global regulatory, reimbursement, manufacturing and quality considerations, and how to choose the right exit strategy and possible partner.   


Thomas (2)
Thomas Carganico
Vice President Strategic Development, Marketing & Communications / Equity Partner at PQE Group

Expert in Communication, Advertising, Marketing and Strategic Business Developmentx

Stephen (1)
Stephen Tyrpak
Associate VP of Medical Device Operations US & Canada

Expert in fundraising for startups, Product Development and Commercialization of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Industries
Mirko Gabriele-1
Mirko Gabriele
special guest
COO, Infinite Vision,
PDA Italy Chapter President

Expert in Pharmaceutical Innovation, Strategy and Technology