Disaster Recovery process in a regulated Company

How to approach the Disaster Recovery using a Cloud Computing Solution ensuring a correct adoption process

What will I learn:

The business capability of a Regulated Company strongly depends on the availability of several IT Applications and underlying IT Infrastructure.
Should these specific IT Systems be unavailable over a longer timeframe, e.g. due to a disaster, with no precautions and safeguards in place, the entity of the damage could become overwhelming.

Are you sure that all business owners of your company are aware about IT needs, in terms of time frame, to rebuild the IT system in case of disaster?

Are you sure that your Disaster Recovery solution will be ready to work properly in case of “real” disaster?

In case of IT System unavailability, do you know which the business impact is? How much does it cost for each hour of IT System unavailability?

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Introducing the Team

Simone Ristori 1x1

Simone Ristori

Partner & Principal Consultant

A +17 years long career in Information Technology and Computer Systems Validation in the Life Science industry. Degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Florence, he worked as teacher of informatics for Pixel Association in Florence before joining PQE in 2003. He is currently Principal Consultant. Strong team player with good communication skills and ability to adapt and work in multi-cultural working environments. He led a huge number of IT Infrastructure Qualification projects for both domestic and international regulated customers. His specialties include also IT Assessments and Audits of IT suppliers. Areas of expertise are: Information Technology, IT Quality, Disaster Recovery.

Roberto Reviglio-2

Roberto Reviglio della Veneria

Country Manager South Cone & CSV/CSA, Data Integrity Manager

Roberto Reviglio della Veneria, Country Manager South Cone at PQE Group, possesses an MBA at Saarland University. With 15+ years in the technology industry first and pharma later he has a huge experience in international projects across the globe. After 10 years as SAP PMP and Agile Project Manager in Argentina and Italy, he decide to take a new adventure and move to the consultancy pharma industry at PQE Group, first as a project manager in a worldwide SAP’s validation, and finally, at the beginning of 2021, he decided to move back to Argentina and take the role of Country Manager South Cone and CSV/CSA & Data Integrity Manager.